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Theoretical Commentary

My theoretical work provided general comments on science, theory, and the field of psychology. Papers and book chapters in this section are:

Peer-Reviewed Papers

Kruglanski, A. W., Factor, A., & Jaśko, K. (2018). Is “behavior” the problem?. Social Psychological Bulletin, 13, e26138. PDF

Kruglanski, A.W., Chernikova, M., Jasko, K. (2017). Social psychology circa 2016: A field on steroids. European Journal of Social Psychology, 47(1), 1-10. PDF

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Kruglanski, A.W., & Higgins, E.T. (2004) Theory construction in social personality psychology: Personal experiences and lessons learned. Personality and Social Psychology Review, 8, 96-97.

Kruglanski, A.W. (2001). That “vision thing”: The state of theory in social and personality psychology at the edge of the new millennium. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 80, 871-875. PDF

Kruglanski, A.W.& Jost, J.T. (2000). Il Construzionismo sociale & psicologia sociale sperimentale: storia delle divergenze e prospettive di riconcilazione. Rassegna di Psicologia, 17, 45-67. PDF

Kruglanski, A.W. (1999). Construzionismo sociale e psicologia sociale sperimentale: Un bacio tra cugini? Rassegna di Psicologia

Kruglanski, A.W. (1999). Motivazione ed attivita cognitiva: Quatro note per la future generazioni di richercha. Giornale Italiano di Psicologia, a.XXVI, n.4, 847-860. 

Kruglanski, A.W. (1999). Motivation, cognition, and reality: Three memos for the next generation of research. Psychological Inquiry, 10, 54-58. PDF

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Kruglanski, A., & Eilam, Z. (1974). Overcoming the subject artifacts: A critique. The British Journal of Social and Clinical Psychology, 13, 916. PDF

Book Chapters in Edited Books

Kruglanski, A.W. & Stroebe, W. (2012) The making of social psychology. In A.W.  Kruglanski, A. W. & Stroebe, W. (Eds). (2012). Handbook of the history of social  psychology (pp. 3-15). New York: Francis & Taylor. Link

Forgas, J.P., Kruglanski, A.W., & Williams, K.D. (2011). The psychology of social  conflict and aggression: Homo Aggressivus Revisited. In J.P. Forgas, A.W. Kruglanski,  & K.D. Williams, (Eds.) (2011). The Psychology of Social Conflict and Aggression. New  York: Psychology Press. Link

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Shadish, W.R., Fuller, S., Gorman, M.E., Amabile, T.M., Kruglanski, A.W., Rosethan, R.,  & Rosenwein, R.E. (1994). Social psychology of science: A conceptual and research  program. In W.R. Shadish, & S. Fuller (Eds).The Social Psychology of Science (pp.  3-123).Guilford Press. Link

Kruglanski, A.W., Bar Tal, D. and Klar, Y. (1993). A social cognitive theory of conflict. In  K. S. Larsen (Ed.), Conflict and Social Psychology (pp. 46 57). London: Sage. Link

Kruglanski, A. (1978). Issues in cognitive social psychology, in D. Greene & M. R.  Lepper (Eds.), The Hidden Costs of Reward: New Perspective on the Psychology of  Human Motivation (pp. 19-29).. Hillsdale, N.J.: Erlbaum Pub.

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