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The Quest for Significance

The human quest for meaning and personal recognition has been widely discussed by writers, philosophers, and psychiatrists. It is among the most powerful psychic forces that shapes the history and destiny of nations. Revolutions, such as the French, American, or the Russian; social movements, such as the civil rights, feminism, or Islamic fundamentalism, were driven by people who experienced loss of significance due to discrimination and prejudice. Thus feeling a need to restore their lost significance and to become on par with other groups in society.   Social psychologists dealt with the quest for significance in the study of achievement motivation, competence motivation, status striving,  and the dread of nonexistence. 

Papers, studies, and book chapters in this section address how the quest for significance is aroused, where it comes from, how it motivates human action, and what are its consequences.

Peer-Reviewed Papers

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DiSanto, D. Pierro, A., Ellenberg, M., Baldner, C. & Kruglanski, A.W. (in press). By All Means Necessary: Closed Mindedness, Ingroup Morality and Weapon Ownership. European Journal of Social Psychology. 


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Book Chapters in Edited Books

Nowak, A., Gelfand, M.J., Borkowski, W., & Kruglanski, A.W. (2017). Autocratic  recidivism: Computational models of why revolutions fail. In Moadel, M., & Gelfand, M.J. (Eds). Values, Political Action and Change in the Middle East and the Arab Spring  (pp. 271-294). Link

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