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Arie W. Kruglanski

Do you fear uncertainty? Why is the unknown so paralysing? And how can we use doubt to our advantage?

Our safe modern world has wired us to fear the unknown, rather than use it to our benefit. But what if there was a way of turning that uncertainty into our greatest strength? Imagine being able to make important decisions without anxiety. Imagine being the calm at the centre of every storm. 


In UNCERTAIN, the author, Arie Kruglanski, shows us that there's only one certain way to face the unknown, and that is to fundamentally change the way we perceive it. This definitive book will transform the way you think about the unknown. Suddenly, you'll stop fearing uncertainty and learn to not only face it, but also harness the power that comes with it. Don't let uncertainty rule your life. Instead, embrace it and achieve the extraordinary.

Praise for UNCERTAIN

"We now live in a whitewater world of unpredictability. Change occurs at a rate that the human mind is not prepared for. Arie Kruglanski's groundbreaking book is the place to go to discover how to embrace uncertainty and turn the stress of whitewater to your growth and benefit"

—  Martin Seligman, author of The Hope Circuit

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