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lay epistemics

Lay Epistemics and Human Knowledge: Cognitive and Motivational Bases

Arie W Kruglanski

The book provides an in-depth look into  the cognitive and motivational principles affecting the formation of human knowledge.  It is a far reaching work synthesizing areas of cognitive and social psychology, the theory of motivation, and philosophy of science.

Praise for Lay Epistemics and Human Knowledge

"let me urge you to turn immediately to Kruglanski's first chapter and skim it. If any enthusiasm for social psychology flows in your veins, you will certainly proceed then to read further in this important book. . . . Kruglanski tries to produce a basic reorganization of our thinking about social psychology. . . One consequence of this effort . . . that I especially value, is that it reveals the cumulative nature of work in our field. . . I expect that [the reader]. . . will pick up on some of the many implications for new lines of work in some of these well-tilled but still fertile sections of our field."

—  From the Foreword by Harold H. Kelley, University of California, Los Angeles 

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