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The Motivation-Cognition Interface

Edited by Catalina E. Kopetz and Ayelet Fishbach

Based on Arie Kruglanski's Festschrift

This volume honors the work of Arie W. Kruglanski. It represents a collection of chapters written by Arie’s former students, friends, and collaborators. The chapters are rather diverse and cover a variety of topics from politics, including international terrorism, to health related issues, such as addiction and self-control, to basic psychological principles, such as motivation and self-regulation, the formation of attitudes, social influence, and interpersonal relationships. What these chapters have in common is that they have all been inspired by Arie’s revolutionary work on human motivation and represent the authors’ attempt to apply the basic principles of motivation to the understanding of diverse phenomena.

Festschrift Event, June 10, 2016

Festschrift in Honor of Dr. Arie Kruglanski, organized by his former students

Watch the full event on YouTube:

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Opening Remarks

Gregory Ball, Dean

Jack Blanchard, Chair

Michelle Gelfand, Host



Festschrift talks by Ken Gergen, Rohan Gunaratna,  John Jost  Catalina Kopetz, Ayelet Fishbach, Edward Orek, Arnes Roets, Jocelyn Belanger, Jennes Erber, and Tory Higgins, can be viewed on the Event Video.

Closing Remarks

Arie Kruglanski


Susan Fiske

Fritz Strack

Yaacov Trope

Carol Dweck

Marino Bonaiuto

John Levine

Wolfgang Stroebe

The Motivated Cognition Lab

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